PIRIOU moves into Marine Renewables 

Thanks to experience gained in the building of 100 aluminium crew boats ranging in length from 18 to 53 metres delivered in the last 25 years to the offshore oil and gas sector, Piriou is now moving into the offshore wind farm support ship market.  

So as to respond rapidly to the growing needs of the offshore wind farm market, i.e. needs as regards the maintenance of machines and the transportation of personnel and equipment to the wind farms, PIRIOU has chosen to enter into a contract with BMT Nigel Gee, a world renowned architect recognised for his experience in "WIND FARM SUPPORT VESSELS" (WFSV). 

The construction of the first two units has begun and the vessels will be available for operation in Europe at the end of 2013.  

 PIRIOU will be present as an exhibitor at SEAWORK 2013 in Southampton to present its news and showcase its projects in the Marine Renewables sector (stand R5)

©2013 PIRIOU_Wind Farm Support Vessel par GROUPE_PIRIOU