Piriou wins a historic order and breaks into a new market, that of exploration ships. 


PIRIOU has just signed a contract for the construction of an exploration ship 76 metres in length that it will deliver in 36 months to a European shipowner. The ship will be built in Concarneau: (29) by CHANTIERS PIRIOU, the group's French shipbuilding branch. It is a first and a real challenge for the French shipbuilding company.


The ship will be:

an "ICE IC" class vessel

a "CLEANSHIP"class vessel

a "PASSENGER SHIP" class vessel


The environmentally friendly ship will combine a complex technical platform with an extremely high level of comfort. 

This transoceanic exploration ship is designed to carry out prolonged, long distance voyages in extreme temperatures (-20°C/+50°C)) both at sea, and in rivers and Large Lakes with a high degree of reliability in all conditions encountered. 


This exploration ship is intended mainly for engineers, scientists or technicians on long-distance missions and is destined to become a research ship furthering our knowledge of the oceans. During stopovers it will be transformed into a place for discussion designed to support and stimulate the work of researchers from all over the world. It will also be a place used to raise questions relating to the future of our planet aimed at increasing awareness of environmental issues in the general public and in young people. 

PIRIOU-Présentation-navire-de-voyage-07-06-12 par GROUPE_PIRIOU