As a shipowner, trapped between meeting your engagements to clients and the constraints of the aggressive environment of the sea, the availability of your ships makes the difference. We understand this perfectly. The responsiveness and effectiveness of our teams is our response to this problem. From a minor intervention afloat to a complex overhaul (modernisation, refit, lengthening, etc.), our ship repair sites are there where you need them and share the same commitment to service, the PIRIOU trademark. The geographical locations of these sites and their well-adapted technical resources, associated with our mastery of the different ship repair skills (metal-and mechanical work, painting, electricity, electronics, HVAC, etc.) together with centralised engineering (design, purchase, logistics), allows us to offer you the same quality of service wherever we operate.  


Our skills, repairing your ships, night, 24/7, 365 days a year, wherever they are and solving the problems you entrust to us.  



• Hull work: steel and


• Pipework  

• Carpentry

• Drydocking - painting  

• Electrical work –


• Heating ventilation -

  air condit.(HVAC) 

• Engine installation -

  Laser alignment  

• Diesel maintenance  

• General mechanical